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the hurting is so painless from the distance

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1/14/06 11:16 am

i suck

1/3/06 09:37 am - why do we love when she's mean

Since I came home, my cat won't leave me alone. ahgflksgliugs annoying, much? (But he's still soooo cuuute.)

This weekend, I

: watched more movies in three days than I had in all of 2005. (so that might be an overstatement, but...)

: stayed up until midnight on New Years' Eve. yay!

: ate nothing from 8:30 a.m. on Jan. 1st to 10:00 a.m. on Jan. 2nd. (it wasn't that hard. it scares me.)

: tried to go bowling but there were no lanes open

: in Big Bear, it didn't snow at all, until yesterday, the day we left. there was huge traffic because they made everyone turn around who didn't have 4-wheel drive or chains. bleh.

: ate dinner at outback steakhouse.

I really hate neon signs on anything. Especially when letters go out so they change the wording. I guess it's funny but AKJGHDLKGTIU!!!! well. my sister and I have been changing the pronunciation of two syllable words. it all started when my mom said. permit. we also tend to say sentences over millions of time, emphasizing a different word every time.

as I said before, I watched a lot of movies. I saw Elf again. (I need to rent Night at the Roxbury! because I love Will Ferrell.) And Down With Love. (eeee! Ewan McGregor!) I saw Spanglish. :) and Aracnaphobia. (eww!) Pretty Woman. Changing Lanes. Phantom of the Opera. The Incredibles. Lost In Translation. and so much more. haha

the heater in my house broke. :(

HAPPY 2006!!
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